Energy Condensed

Aren't we all energy condensed?
I play the guitar. I love people with a sense of Humour. A mystic AT HEART. HERE I WILL SHARE THE eSOTERIC, OCCULT, Mysterious, HERMETIC, KEMETIC, MAGICKAL, OBSCURE and anything i find interesting. Drop me a line

Dream Journal

In last night’s semi lucid dream I walked to the back door of my house and looked out my french doors. All my plants were gigantic, green, thick and luscious. My oak tree was monumental almost jack and the beanstalkish but not not quite that large. I could feel the plant energy, so alive.

Very cool dream! These dreams of me looking out of my back doors are quite recurring. Last time there was an almost dark/scary feline entity prowling..just glad this was a positive one.